Our health products are designed to elevate the well-being of the people and ensure to provide them with the maximum satisfaction they deserve for the value to spend. Our health products are proven and tested to do justice to your health and throughout the processing, it is ensured that products achieve the quality level that customers expect. During clinical trials, all our medicine passes through multiple tests to achieve the highest quality, however, if due to any reason, you find the product not up to the mark, we respect your views and can proceed with the refund request based on some genuine conditions.

To be sure that your return request is real, we will proceed with steps, asking you about the picture of the damaged products. Upon receiving the products, you will be asked to wait for confirmation. We will process the refund request once the verification is done and will generate your refunds.

How To Be Eligible For A Refund?

California Online Pharmacy is one of the best online pharmacies that strives 24*7 to offer customers better and improved medical products for higher satisfaction.

  • If delivery time goes beyond 15-20 days, you can request for refund and can expect to get it within a few days.
  • You will get your refund amount if the ordered items reach your door with an expiry date
  • If you fail to receive the right order or in any case, your ordered items are not the same as it was at the time of order, then you may proceed with your request for a return
  • If your ordered items are broken, damaged, defective, or not in a good shape, you are eligible to get a partial refund depending on the number of tablets used

Note: After the deduction of shipping charges is included on both sides, the refund amount will be processed. The cost of processing fees and medicines consumed will also be deducted.

Your request for a return depends on the conditions and circumstances of the order. If you choose to pay the amount through debit/credit card/ net banking, you are expected to wait for about 10 to 15 days for the amount to reflect in your bank account. The amount will directly be transferred to the account within the above-mentioned days.

As a renowned online pharmacy brand, it is our duty and responsibility to hear from customers and whittle down their dilemmas of online shopping and return requests. We make the process convenient and easy by addressing the issue of the refund policy process within a few days. In case of cash on delivery, California Online Pharmacy will directly send the return amount to the bank account.

How To Request A Refund?

To get your request for a refund process done fast, you need to send us some required details in order to process the request. Send you details in an email stating the product description, order number, billing number, or valid reasons to request for refund. Before initiating the request for a refund, it is ensured that the reason for the refund is genuine and then you will be eligible for a refund.

Helping customers 24*7 with everything or anything pertaining to refund processes is our duty and we feel happy to serve them with the best. Nothing makes us happier than seeing the faces of customers happy and contented. Your reviews and valuable feedbacks help us become better in our policy and encourage us to provide you uninterrupted services. Our customer service team is there to assist you with the refund process if you have any queries or concerns. Our diligent efforts to work for you never go in vain and make you feel comfortable with a high standard of customer service.

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