Shipping Policy

California online pharmacy is known for its quality and trust when it comes to a wide range of medicines. We understand that rising health dilemmas cause people to suffer mentally as well as physically, thereby restricting them from doing their work responsibilities properly. People of all ages in some way or another other get embroiled in health issues followed by finding no way out to deal with different disorders despite trying relentlessly. Even if they use the medicine, they do not guarantee success and optimal results. Amid the plethora of medicines, it gets difficult for them to ascertain the right medicines. They do not know whether the medicine they are thinking to buy is right or not. In addition, with rising health issues come the concern that brings you into a web of redundant thoughts, creating chaos and turbulence in your life. 

California online pharmacies keep it simple and strongly emphasize going with the information and content about the company first to know its authenticity. We provide our customers and patients with a range of quality and safe medicines that for sure do not guarantee the expected result but contribute to bringing an improvement in their lives. Once we have received your order, it is up to us to provide you with a hassle-free journey and make your online shopping experience worth remembering. After confirming your order, we notify you via message and email that your products will be shortly delivered to you at the given address.

The delivery of the order depends on the geographical location of the customers and other factors that includes transportation strikes, public holidays, and postal delays. If you are living close to where California online pharmacy is located, you can expect to get orders within 1-2 days. We always try to make the delivery process prompt keeping in mind the need of the patients and ensure to make things hassle service.  

Delivery Information

Delivery information is needed to process the request of the customer’s orders and the required details include shipping address, name, contact details, email id, and delivery time and date for the placed order. Some other details are also required such as order price, quantity, date, and time when the order was placed to get the order processed. 

 Order Processing And Delivery Time 

As soon as we receive your request for the order and upon the confirmation of the payment, your orders are prepared and shipped within the first 24 hours. The standard delivery time of California online pharmacy is 2-3 working days but it can be exceeded depending on the geographical locations of the customers. Many other factors often come in the way of delivery that might affect the delivery time. The number of factors causing delay may be due to postal service, transport strikes, or shortage of quantity for the bulk border. However, we try to simplify the process by living up to your expectation but in case, your delivery is delayed, we keep you notified via email and try to deliver the product to your doorstep at the earliest. 

Packaging Of Orders 

The packaging of every order is different and depends on the size, weight, and length of the order. As for fragile products, they are meticulously packaged using high-quality boxes before shipment and ensured they are safe during transit. From packaging to moving, all orders are packed safely to keep the items damaged-free. Our packing team seamlessly works to provide you with a top-notch experience with the unaffected quality of the orders. 

Undelivered orders 

We put in efforts to make your online shopping experience convenient and enjoyable but if ever any of your ordered products is said to be undelivered due to factors including damage, refusal to accept the order by the recipient, or incorrect address then, the order is returned to us. 

Contact Our Customer Service Team 

For any queries and concerns with regard to order delays, you can contact our customer support team 24*7. Our customer services handle issues like non-refund of order fees, order cancellation queries, information about the product, or any other details about the product. Our intent is to make the process smooth and help you to make the most of our services. 


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