California Online Pharmacy is the top online pharmacy relentlessly working to cater to your medical needs. We feel proud to be working for you 24*7 to bring the comfort and convenience you need with the right and safe medicines. Our motive is to make your life better and reduce your suffering by getting the prescribed medicines delivered to your door. You are advised to please take note that throughout the information contained on this website, the terms “we”, “our”, and “us” refers to the company California online pharmacy, and “you” refer to the users registered to the site. Please read all the information carefully and ensure you are above 18 years of age to use the website. Once you get registered to the website, you agree and acknowledge all the policies mentioned in the terms and conditions.

Use of the site

The product and content offered by California Online Pharmacy are only for the public aged above 18 years. Users must have the understanding that the product they are ordering or knowledge they are imbibing is from a legal source. California Online Pharmacy does not encourage any user to buy the product or use our services. It should be the responsibility of the parents if their child is below 18 years and actively using the content or product of our website. We are nowhere responsible in case of health deterioration of a child or if he is profoundly under the influence of the content posted on the website. If any user is detected, making improper use of the site, further use of the website may be restricted. Any effort to extract, obtain or collect any information contained on the site is illegal, and necessary legal action may be taken against the concerned person.

Any attempt to edit, translate, adapt, modify, use product descriptions, reproduce, publish, download, distribute, or display any content on the site is an act of infringement. Any attempt or committing fraudulent activities and modification of original identities may lead to charges and penalties against you. Ensure to submit all billing and registration information provided must be accurate and true. Submitting inaccurate information or providing false information is an act of breach of terms and conditions. It is suggested to correct the billing details provided within 24 hours calendar. If California Online Pharmacy finds any information given by the user is inappropriate and involves a violation, the company has a right to take legal and right action against him.

Roducts And Contents Information

The information on the products mentioned on the website is accurate and informative; However, if due to any reason, the items contain characteristics other than what is displayed, they may be returned in their original conditions. California Online Pharmacy is committed and strives to provide its users 100 % satisfaction with requested items. However, in the event of an item being ordered, if customers complain of having received the wrong item other than the requested one, the item will be provided to the customers free of charge provided the incorrect items should be in their original delivery condition. We try our level best to display the accurate information of products listed on the website however colors of products may vary depending on the devices that users use. The color of the product does not make a difference in the quality of the product, it is for the guidance for the purchase.

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